All current episodes of Into the Coast can be found below, listed in chronological order. New episodes will be posted as we complete them, with the newest episode featured at the top.

David Finkelstein     04/09/2017
Sebastian Rödl     02/08/2018

Sebastian Rödl 02/08/2018

Adrian Haddock     02/12/2018

Adrian Haddock 02/12/2018

Agnes Callard     04/15/2018

Agnes Callard 04/15/2018

James Conant     04/22/2018

James Conant 04/22/2018

Henry Laycock     08/15/2018

Henry Laycock 08/15/2018

Cheryl Misak     08/16/2018

Cheryl Misak 08/16/2018

Glenda Satne     10/08/2018

Glenda Satne 10/08/2018

Nat Hansen     11/08/2018

Nat Hansen 11/08/2018